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Honorary Members

President: Keith Hillier

Vice Presidents Life Members
Chris Bateman
James Bovill
Laurie Bunce
Chris Dozell
Jenny Dozell
Trevor Drake
Graham Fisher
Alan Follett
Michael Greathead
Robert Hall
Lesley Hawkins
Liz Hillier
Kevin Hudson ( Snr )
Brian Humber
Sal Lalani
Patrick Land
Mike Lewins
David Marks
Jackie Meeks
Vaughn McLeod
Paul Nicholson
Richard Osborn
Don Rowlinson
Russell Saunders
Ralph Stockton
James Wilding
Simon Firth
John Fordham
Martin Hawkins
Mike Haycock
Keith Hillier
Robert Lear
Graham Meeks
Margaret Peacock
Russell Peacock
Stuart Peacock
Clive Powell
Keith Robinson
Adrian Saunders
Dawn Saunders
Nick Saunders
Stuart Sinclair
Barry Stone
Clive Smith

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